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Symbiotics Professional Series Products

  1. Pro Broad Spectrum Colostrum Capsules & Powder

  2. Pro Artho Pro Colostrum Formula

  3. Pro Immune Super Colostrum Formula

  4. Pro Candida Specific Colostrum Formula

  5. Pro NattoKinase - NEW

  6. Pro HyperImmune Strength Broad Spectrum Colostrum Powder - NEW

Symbiotics Products

• Colostrum Original
• Colostrum Plus
• PRO Symbiotics

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Pro Symbiotics Colostrum product line offers a variety of formulas targeted at specific health needs for the professional health care practitioner. Formulated with pharmaceutical-grade nutritional supplements and botanical ingredients, ProSymbiotics ensures the highest-quality products in the Colostrum professional line. All professional products have the patent-pending beta-lipid coating enhancing the dispensability and solubility of nutrients in the bowel, making them eight times more effective than any other colostrum on the market

Low-Heat Flash Pasteurization

Symbiotics uses only low-heat flash pasteurization and low-heat indirect drying to preserve the efficacy and bioactivity of the colostrum. Using flash pasteurization (161Ί F or 72Ί C for 15 seconds) all potentially harmful pathogens are removed, while immunoglobulins and other biologically important proteins retain their bioactivity.


1. Professional Series Colostrum Broad Spectrum - Capsules and Powder
Colostrum Plus Capsules and Powder provide all the benefits of pure, New Zealand New Life Colostrum with the added benefits of beta-lipid. 

  • Helps provide immune factors for pathogens such as viruses, yeast and bacteria.

  • Helps increase bioavailability and absorption of nutrients in the body and helps decrease the bioavailability of iron to pathogens.

  • Clinically proven to increase lean muscle mass in active people.

  • Laboratory tested to contain antibodies for up to 19 pathogens.

  • Contains immunoglobulins, lactoferrin, leukocytes, cytokines, interferon, and PRP- these components restore immune function.

Pro Symbiotics PRO Broad Spectrum Capsules

120 Capsules
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Powder 6.3 oz
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2. Professional Series Colostrum Artho Pro
Artho Formula is a blend of New Life Colostrum, glucosamine sulfate, MSM, cetyl myristoleate, lipase enzyme, coated with beta-lipid.

  • Helps increase bioavailability and absorption of nutrients in the body and helps decrease the bioavailability of iron to pathogens.

  • MSM, a natural form of sulfur helps in the prevention of free radical damage and helps support joint and cartilage function

  • Glucosamine sulfate contains sulfur, an element important to the biochemical synthesis of connective tissue

  • Cetyl myristoleate helps support joint and cartilage function. It is paired with a lipase enzyme in order to help increase its absorption and assimilation in the body

Pro Symbiotics PRO Artho Pro Capsules

Pro Artho Formula Capsules
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3. Professional Series Colostrum Immune Super Pro
Immune Formula combines the powerful immune supporting benefits of New Life Colostrum with Beta-lipid, olive leaf extract, Larch arabinoglactin, lactoferrin, and Beta 1,3 Glucan. This formula helps support the immune system.

  • Helps provide the body with antibodies for several pathogens, including viruses, yeasts, and bacteria

  • Helps inhibit binding of pathogens to stomach and intestinal lining

  • Helps enhance the growth of beneficial gut microflora while stimulating natural killer cell cytotoxicity

  • Stimulates a non-specific immune response, creating a powerful defense against viral, bacterial, fungal and parasitic invaders

  • Deprives pathogens of the iron they need to survive


Pro Symbiotics PRO Immune Super Pro Capsules

Pro Immune Formula Capsules
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4. Professional Series Colostrum Candida Specific
Candida Formula is formulated with beta-lipid coated New Life Colostrum™, lactoferrin and bifidobacteria longhum to support the growth of healthy intestinal flora.

  • Laboratory tests confirm presence of specific antibodies to Candida albicans

  • Helps increase bifidobacteria, a probiotic occurring naturally in the human digestive tract that enhances immune function and helps to regulate the balance of natural intestinal flora

  • Lactoferrin helps facilitate iron transport and absorption

  • Helps increase bioavailability and absorption of nutrients in the body and helps decrease the bioavailability of iron to pathogens


Pro Symbiotics PRO Candida Specific Capsules

Pro Candida Formula
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5. Professional Strength NattoKinase - NEW
Nattokinase is a fibrinolytic soy-based enzyme produced by Bacillus subtilsin natto during fermentation. Professional Strength NattoKinase with BIO-lipid liposomal delivery speeds and increases absorption for optimal benefit.

Clinically proven to help:
• Dissolve Fibrin
• Reduce Excess Blood Viscosity
• Improve Circulation
• Reduce Inflammation
• Safe – No Side Effects
• Maintain Normal Blood Pressure

Pro Symbiotics PRO Candida Specific Capsules

Pro NattoKinase
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6. Pro HyperImmune Strength Broad Spectrum Colostrum - NEW
HyperImmune Strength colostrum is created by stimulating production of antibodies in cows for an enhanced spectrum of pathogens. HyperImmune increases the immune response which significantly increases overall immune modulation response. Only HyperImmune Strength Broad Spectrum Colostrum contains the broadest range of antibodies available, including antibodies against E. coli, Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, Candida, Salmonella, H. pylori and many others.

Patent-pending BIO-lipid is a naturally occurring liposomal delivery system on whole colostrum. This essential colostrum component is lost in processing. BIO-lipid is reapplied after drying to insure safe GI passage, intestinal dispersal, internal uptake and intercellular delivery.

Colostrum Helps support:

  • Immune function and transfer immunity.
  • Targets fat for fuel while protecting and building lean muscle.
  • Reduces inflammation.
  • Increases strength and stamina.
  • Increases brain function.
  • Heals and protects the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Recommended as a daily essential by the Center for Nutritional Research.

HyperImmune Strength is the highest-quality colostrum collected from New Zealand dairy cows that are pasture-fed and free of pesticides, antibiotics, and hormones (including rBST), with no residue of heavy metals or chemical contaminates

pro symbiotics hyperimmune strength broad spectrum colostrum

HyperImmune Broad Spectrum Colostrum
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