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Dermanex Cream


Dermanex® is an exclusive skin cream recommended by health professionals. This unique formula beautifies the skin, helps softens irritation and decreases the redness by hydrating the skin. Dermanex provides the highest amount of liquid cartilage extract found in topical formulations.

Dermanex is rich in premium quality emollients that soften and soothe the skin and humectants that provide additional moisturizing benefits. The key is our proprietary ingredient, Skin Factor®. Skin Factor is manufactured in Atrium's state of the art facility, which specializes in the extraction and concentration of products with peptides and signaling molecules from natural sources without any chemical solvents.

The rich, creamy texture is non-greasy and soothing. Dermanex® has been specially formulated with a fresh citrus fragrance, no unpleasant coal tar or medicinal odors! It can be applied throughout the day, is stain-free and can be uses during all social occasions.

Our premium packaging protects the integrity of the Dermanex® ingredients. Unlike typical jars that allow for exposure to light, air and contaminants, Dermanex® is only available in superior, pharmaceutical grade packaging to preserve stability and freshness.

Product characteristics:
    · Highest available liquid cartilage extract in a cream or ointment
    · Only the highest quality cartilage is used in manufacturing the extract (no enzymes or chemical solvents)
    · Liquid cartilage extract has antiangiogenic and anti-MMP (matrix metalloproteinase) activity.
    · Universally accepted aroma, no unpleasant odors.
    · Premium packaging protects stability of product

Liquid cartilage extract (LCE) has been shown in clinical studies with human volunteers to:
    · increase the resistance of the skin to acute physical damage
    · protect the skin against induced irritation
    · reduce the appearance of spider veins on the face
    · reduce the appearance of periorbital dark circle (dark circles around the eyes).

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