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Apex Energetics Herbal Remedies: Herbal Max Line

Apex Energetics Herbal Max RemediesThe Apex Energetics Herbal remedies are three new formulas designed with the latest biological assessment technologies.  They are very unique such that these formulations are designed to be used for support of key filtering organs and their natural drainage process.

Each formula consists of a unique blend of herbal ingredients selected and specifically prepared to deliver a potent phyto-therapeutic and synergistic effect.  Ingredients are picked from the embryonic stage of the plant's bud to capture maximum vitality and specific growth properties.  these remedies contain very high concentrations of bud extracts from the finest plants in the world for supporting the boy's drainage and detox processes.

Notice: Apex Energetics Homeopathic product line should be used under guidance or recommendation of a licensed health care professional.

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An essential first line herbal formula for all individuals.  This formula is intended to support healthy blood flow to the liver, and to stimulate and support it's natural excretory function and detoxification.


First line herbal formula intended to support healthy blood flow to the kidney.  It stimulates and support it's natural excretory functions and detoxification.


Supports healthy lymphatic flow and is especially useful for the support of the upper respiratory system as well as the gastro-intestinal lymph system.

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