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Apex Energetics Homeopathic / Dietary Supplements
Complex homeopathic medicine  & Dietary Supplements by Apex Energetics

Apex Energetics Homeopathic Medicine

Apex Energetics has been on the leading edge of complex homeopathy, providing safe and effective formulas for over 10 years.  Complex homeopathy differs from classical homeopathy. In classical homeopathy, carefully chosen single remedies are common practice, where as complex homeopathy consists of multiple synergistic ingredients, where at times may have as many as 30 ingredients.

This innovative approach, Resonance Homeopathy, is a relatively recent development pioneered by Dr. Roy Martina, M.D. of Holland.  Dr. Martina defines Resonance Homeopathy as the amplification of certain energetic signals in a homeopathic formula to deliver increased effectiveness.  To achieve this, the beneficial attributes of a given ingredient are amplified by other carefully chosen ingredients with similar energetic signatures.  The goal of resonance homeopathy is to create the best harmonizing resonance for the body and use potent ingredients to create that one synergetic force that will stimulate the body to heal itself.

Homeopathic Formulas:

Dietary Supplements & Naturals

The Futureplex® ALLERTOX™ Formulas:
Homeopathic remedies uniquely formulated to address symptoms of allergy and hypersensitivity which result from exposure to certain foods and environmental substances.

The Cellegion Formulas:
Specially formulated featuring Lacteal peptide complexes designed to modulate the immune system. LPC consists of a proprietary concentration of immunoactive molecules that have been recognized to support cytokine pathways utilized by the body in new cell generation.

The Futureplex® ANTITOX™ Formulas:
This line consists of seven sub-series, each addressing a specific area of disturbance.  It is designed around an advanced toxic load reductions program.  It includes remedies for drainage, weight management, acute or chronic symptoms of disease, deep cleansing, and much more.

The Herbal-MAX Formulas:
Designed with the latest biological assessment technologies.  They are very unique such that these formulations are designed to be used for support of key filtering organs and their natural drainage process.

The Futureplex® CELLUTOX™ Formulas:
A set of isopathic remedies designed to address minor symptoms related to immune weaknesses, bacterial and viral conditions such as the common cold and flu, intestinal and other conditions.

The Nutritional Complex Formulas:
Designed with methodical scientific analysis of synergistic natural ingredients and their direct and indirect effect on optimizing the endocrine system.  Each formula consists of herbal and nutritional compounds that have been well researched for their effects on the endocrine system.

The Futureplex® ENDOTOX™ Formulas:
Consists of innovative formulas designed to address symptoms of metabolic failure and the resulting endogenous by-products from fat, protien, and sugar metabolism.

These micro-nutritional products are designed to build and fulfill the organ terrain.  They combine colostrum, vitamins, enzymes, sarcodes, flower essences, plant bud extracts, oligo and litho elements in clustered water to address various factors influencing biological terrain.

The Futureplex® Flower Combinations:
A set of remedies which are formulated to address symptoms related to negative mental and emotional stress.  These remedies use potentialized flower essences in combination with Classical Homeopathic ingredients to bring about subtle, yet positive shifts in the body / mind complex.
NOTE: Apex Energetics is in the process of reformulating The Flower Combination remedies from Tablet form to 1 fl. oz. Liquid.

The Terrain-ZYME™ NUTRITIONAL Formulas:
Designed with a special enzyme delivery system, this set of over twenty formulas provide essential nutrients and herbs to fortify the biological terrain.

The Futureplex® Isoplex Formulas:
Apex Energetics Isoplex or Isopathic line of products addresses: Acute Symptoms, Post-Disease, Chronic Syndromes, Miasms.  The IsoPlex™ Formulas Provide: Multi-nosode Action, Immune Support, Symptom Relief, Drainage Support, Prophylaxis Effect.


The Futureplex® METABOPLEX™ Formulas:
These homeopathic formulas are designed to address imbalances in the metabolism.  Every chemical and physical reaction in the body is influenced by one's metabolic health.  Metabolism occurs in every living cell in every tissue and system of the body.


The Futureplex® REGENRX™ Formulas:
Innovative formulas designed to provide natural regenerative energy for the various organs and glands of the body.  The remedies incorporate a unique combing of ingredients called "multicord", which are ingredients at different  potency calibrations.


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