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L'annine Moisturizing Cream

L'annine is an exceptional new European moisturizing cream than leaves your skin soft, smooth and younger looking.  It is an ideal moisturizer for daily use on all skin types including the most sensitive skin.  It conditions and repairs dry damaged skin and helps relieve: rashes, eczema, psoriasis, stretch marks, age spots as well as minor cuts, burns and scars.  L'annine contains special moisturizers formulated to penetrate the dermal layer, for maximum hydration promoting cellular renewal for a smooth silky sensation that lasts all day.

Pharmacists highly recommend L'annine for diabetic patients as part of their "Foot Care Plan" since it's very effective in preventing the skin from becoming dry, cracked, or chapped, which If left untreated, may develop into a more serious condition.


For all Skin Types: apply a pearl size bead of L'annine to any part of the skin and gently massage in until absorbed, for a healthy supple skin.

For Diabetics: after cleansing, apply a pearl size bead of L'annine to the top and bottom of your feet and gently massage in until absorbed by the skin daily or as needed.


L'annine Moisturizing Cream
Non-Oily Formula - Free of drugs and alcohol - Never tested on Animals - Environmentally Safe

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Key Ingredients: Allantoin (occurs naturally which help to promote cellular renewal and has a soothing, softening effect), Glycerin (a humectant - water attracting/binding which provides moisture), Silicone (base lubricant creates protective barrier and prevents loss of moisture)

Warnings: For external use only.  If skin damage is severe or if condition does not improve, consult a health care professional.

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