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Organotherapy Remedies

Organotherapy is the homeopathic preparation of organ tissue, to treat dysfunctional organs.  The idea of organotherapy was first introduced by Constantine Hering, M.D., the father of American Homeopathy in 1834.  This research has been continued now by prominent European physicians.

There are three proposed ways in which organotherapy is believed to work. It has a direct effect on stimulating the function of the organ by enhancing the selection of enzymes and specific nucleic acids lacking in the organ.  The administration of the homeopathic preparation of organ tissue overwhelming the body with organ antigen in effect stopping the production of anti-organ antibodies.  The organotherapy remedy may provide antigen to substitute for damaged tissue antigen.

Organotherapy remedies are either Sarcodes or Nosodes.  Sarcodes are healthy organ tissue prepared according to homeopathic standards whereas Nosodes are potentized homeopathic preparations of diseased organ or organ secretions.

Organotherapy is commonly used in Europe where European clinicians typically use 4C and 5C homeopathic potencies for stimulatory effects, 7C is used for regulating the organ or tissue and 9C as inhibitory.  The available potencies vary depending on the remedy but are generally available from 4C to 30C.

General Dosage is usually three pellet or 10 drops per day of each Organotherapy remedy.  Your health care provider may modify the dosage depending on the condition.

PLEASE NOTE: This entire line of products has been discontinued by the manufacturer and we are looking for quality replacements


"Healthy organ extracts or organ secretions prepared according to the general rules of homeopathic remedies, which will help to slow down the natural and pathological deterioration of the organ." - Michel M. Bouko Levy, M.D.

Organotherapy Remedies
Each Remedy is available in the standard Homeopathic Pellets or Liquid Dilution in 20% alcohol

(Nosodes & Sarcodes)

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Nosodes N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

Some Organotherapy Condition Protocols

Anemia, Hypochromic 
Hemoglobin 4c
(3 x per week)
Aorta 7c, Cholesterinum 7c
(alternating days)
Generalized Osteoarthritis 
Cartilage 7c, Bone Marrow 7c 
(alternating days)
Atonic constipation 
Colon Mucosa 4c  
(alternating evenings)
Diabetes and Prediabetic States 
Pancreas 4c
(3 times per week)
Folliculinum 9c
days 7 & 21 of menstrual cycle)
Lung 7c, Histaminum 4c  
(alternating evenings)
Emphysematous Dyspnea 
Lung (Pulmine) 7c, Diaphragm 4c  
(alternating evenings)
Hypothalamus 7c, Cerebrinum 7c 
(alternating evenings)
Hypothalamus 7c, Gastric Mucosa 4c
(alternating evenings)
Veinous Wall 4c
(3 times per week)
Liver (Hepatine) 4c, Fel Tauri (bilinum) 4c
(alternating evenings)
Essential Hypertension 
Artery Wall 7c, Veinous Wall 7c
(alternating evenings)
Pituitary Anterior Lobe 7c, Thyroid (Thyroidinum) 9c
(alternating evenings)
Adrenal Cortex 4c
(3 times per week)
Bulbinum 9c
(alternating evenings)
Spleen (Splenine) 7c
(3 times per week)
Renal Lithiasis 
Calculi Renalis 9c, Parathyroid 7c
(alternating evenings)
Obesity, Appetite Suppression 
Hypothalamus 9c
(3 times per week)
Obesity, Stimulation of Renal Function 
Kidney (Nephrine) 4c
(3 times per week)
Gastric Ulcer 
Hypothalamus 7c, Gastric Mucosa 4c
(alternating evenings)
Pineal Gland 7c, Histaminum 9c
(alternating evenings)
Uterine Fibroma 
Uterus 9c, Estrone 7c
(alternating evenings with one evening off between doses)
Varicose Veins 
Veinous Wall 4c
(3 times per week)
Premenstrual Syndrome 
Estrone 9c
(at days 7 & 21 of menstrual cycle)
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