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Lithotherapy RemediesLithotherapy Remedy Ulexite

Lithotherapy is the use of homeopathic preparations of minerals to restore enzymatic functions.  It's been proposed that Lithotherapy effect the body in three ways.  Lithotherapy contains minerals at optimal levels that work to enhance the effectiveness of enzymatic systems.  Since the body typically destroys minerals in the process of trying to free them for use, Lithotherapy has a dechelating effect whereby through substitution and other processes, it liberates the mineral without damaging it for the body's use.  Lithotherapy remedies are believed to be very compatible with ion channel receptors and thereby generate large amounts of ionic flow into the cell by effectively opening the channels.

PLEASE NOTE: This entire line of products has been discontinued by the manufacturer and we are looking for quality replacements

Dosage: 30 drops per day or as directed by your health care provider.
Each Remedy is available in a 1 fl oz glass bottle with dropper at 8X homeopathic dilution.

Dolisos Lithotherapy Remedies

Adulaire Dolomite Monazite
Apatite Erythrite Obsidienne
Argent Natif Feldspath Quadratique Or Natif
Azurite Fluorite Orpiment
Barytine Galene Pyrite De Fer
Bauxite Garnierite Pyrolusite
Betafite Glauconie Rhodonite
Blende Granite Selenite
Bornite Gres Rose Sel Gemme
Calcaire De Versailles Hematite Soufre Natif
Celestite Iodargyrite Stibine
Chalcopyrite Jaspe Vert Tourmaline Lithique
Cinabre Natif Lazulite Trachyte
Conglomerat Lepidolite Ulexite
Diopside Marbre Saccharoide Uraninite

Lithotherapy Condition Protocols

Hematite (every other day)
Rhodonite, Glauconie (alternate days)
Apthus Ulcer
Ulexite, Pyrolusite (alternate days)
Fargile Nails
Tourmaline Lithique (every other day)
Pyrolusite, Chalcopyrite (alternate days)
Feldspath Quadratique, Calcaire De Versailles (alternate days)
Conglomerat, Chalcopyrite (alternate days)
Spasmodic Cough
Lepidolite, Tourmaline Lithique (alternate days)
Recurrent Rhinopharyngitis
Essential Hypertension
Azurite, Barytine (alternate days)
Peptic Ulcer
Marbre Saccharoide
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