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Homeopathic Topical Formulations by Boiron, Nelsons & Hylands

Homeopathic topical formulations include homeopathic gels, homeopathic ointments, homeopathic creams and lotions which are generally topical applications of the mother tincture in a pharmaceutical grade base. Choose a gel for quick absorption and a refreshing, cooling sensation without an oily residue.  Select an ointment to protect wounds in cases of minor cuts and scrapes or for massaging sore muscles.

Homeopathic Topical Formulations


Indicated for

Acne Gel

Skin Irritation due to acne, pimples

Arnica Cream

Trauma, Bruises, Soar Muscle

Arnica Gel

Trauma, Bruises, Soar Muscles

Arnica Oil

Massage of Soar Muscles

Arnica Ointment

Bruises, Trauma, Soar Muscles

Avenoc Ointment

Hemorrhoids, external

Arnica Spray Lotion

Bruises, Trauma, Soar Muscles

Bug Bite Ointment

Insect Stings and Bug Bites

Bumps 'n Bruises Ointment

Bruises, swelling, trauma, over exertion in Children

Calendula Cream

Minor Cuts and wounds, skin repair, dry skin

Calendula Gel

Cuts, Scrapes, Burns, skin repair

Calendula Oil

Repair of rough, dry skin due to sunburn, wind burn or chafing

Calendula Ointment

Cuts, Scrapes, Burns, skin repair

Calendula Lotion

Skin Irritation, sooths dry skin

Calendula Spray Lotion

Skin Irrritation, Dry Skin, Scrapes, Sunburn, chafing

Diaper Ointment

Diaper rash or similar skin irritations in babies

Hamamelis Ointment

Minor external Hemorrhoids

Hemmorex Ointment

Minor external Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids Cream


Hyperical Cream

Cuts & Scrapes

Hypericum Cream

Nerve Pain, Bed soars, Weak or Injured Extremities

Prid Drawing Salve

Used to draw out boils, splinters, and other infections close to the skin surface

Sting Gel

Insect Bites & Stings

Tea Tree Cream

Antiseptic properties

Thuja Cream


Thuja Ointment


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