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Homeopathic Medicine
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Single Remedies


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Aconitum Napellus (Dry cold, fever)
Aesculus Hi. (Itching Hemorrhoids)
Allium Cepa (Colds, allergy)
Antimonium Cr. (Bloating Stomach)
Antimonium Ta. (Cough, Bronchitis)
Apis Mellifica (Allergic Reaction)
Argentum Nitricum (Anxiety)
Arnica Montana (Bruises, trauma)
Arnica Gel (Bruises, trauma)
Arnica Ointment (Bruises, trauma)
Arsenicum Album (Diarrhea)
Arsenicum Iodatum (Athlete's foot)
Arum Triph. (Horse, broken voice)


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Baryta (Soar throat, wet weather)
Belladonna (Fever & colds)
Berberis (Dermatitis)
Borax (Skin eruptions)
Bryonia Alba (Rheumatic arthritis)


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Calcarea Carb. (Tonic, eczema)
Calcarea Fluorica (Back pain)
Calcarea Phos. (Bone, teeth)
Calcarea Sulph. (Boils, acne)
Calendula (Cuts, scrapes, burns)
Calendula Gel (Cuts, scrapes, burns)
Calendula Lot. (Cuts, scrapes, burns)
Calendula Oint (Cuts, scrapes, burns)
Cantharis (Urinary itching, burning)
Carbo Vegetabilis (Stomach gas)
Caulophyllum Thal. (Spasmodic pain)
Causticum (Hoarseness)
Chamomilla (Teething)
Chelidonium Majus (Indigestion)
Cimicifuga Racemosa (Sick feeling)
Cina (Worms)
Cinchona Officin. (Loss of vital fluids)
Cocculus Indicus (Motion sickness)
Cocyntal (Baby colic)
Coffea Cruda (Insomnia, stress)
Colocynthis (Cramps)
Cuprum Met. (Spasmodic affections)


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Drosera Rotundif. (Repetitive Cough)
Dulcamara (Colds, Rheumatism)


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Echinacea Aug. (Minor Infections)
Eupatorium (Flu with stiffness)
Euphrasia (Allergy, hay fever)


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Ferrum Phos. (Slow onset colds)


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Gelsemium Semp. (Apprehension)
Graphites (Constipation)


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Hamamelis Virg. (Hemorrhoids, piles)
Hemorrhoids (Hemorrhoids, piles)
Hepar Sulphuris Cal. (Skin infection)
Histaminum Hyd.(Allergic Reactions)
Hydrastis Canaden. (post nasal drip)
Hypericum (Nerve pain)


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Ignatia Amara (Stress, grief)
Influenzinum (Flu symptoms)
Ipecacuanha (Nausea, vomiting)


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Kali Bichromicum (Congested sinus)
Kali Carbonicum (Gas, dispepsia)
Kali Iodatum (Burning runny nose)
Kali Muriaticum (Ear, nose, throat)
Kali Phosphor. (Nervous Exhaustion)
Kali Sulphur. (Yellow nasal discharge)
Kreosotum (Bed wetting)


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Lachesis Mutus (Hot Flashes)
Ledum Palustre (Insect Bites)
Lycopodium Cl. (Digestive Problems)


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Magnesia Phos. (Menstrual Cramps)
Mercurius Solub. (Soar throat)
Mercurius Vivus (Soar throat, breath)


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Natrum Muriaticum (Colds, fright)
Natrum Phosphoricum (Indigestion)
Natrum Sulphuricum (nausea)
Nux Vomica (Hang over)


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Petroleum (Chapped fingertips)
Phosphoricum Acidum (Concentration)
Phosphorus (Dry Cough)
Phytolacca Decandra (Laryngitis)
Podophyllum Pel. (Teething diarrhea)
Pulsatilla (Nasal Congestion)


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Rhus Tox. (Rheumatic & muscle pain)
Rumex Crispus (Dry cough in cold air)
Ruta Graveolens (Eye strain)


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Sabina (Heavy menstruation)
Sedalia (stress)
Sepia (PMS)
Silicea (Weakness)
Spongia Tosta (Croupy Cough)
Sports & Trauma (First aid kit)
Staphysagria (Urination pain)
Sulphur (Rash, acne, skin disorder)
Sulphur Iodatum (cold, flu, nasal)
Symphytum Off. (Fracture pain)


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Tabacum (Motion sickness)
Thuja Occidentalis (Warts)


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Urtica Urens (Rash, Insect bites)


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Veratrum Album (Diarrhea, cramps)
Vipera Berus (Stiff Legs)

About Homeopathy and Homeopathic Medicine
Homeopathic Medicine FAQ


What is Homeopathy?
Homeopathy is a therapeutic method using natural substances derived from botanical, animal or mineral sources in micro doses to stimulate the body's natural mechanisms to protect and heal itself.

Since homeopathy contends that our natural defenses are capable of overcoming most diseases, homeopathic medicines are mainly used to re-establish this exceptional potential present in each one of us.  Homeopathic medicine can be effective in treating many acute and chronic health conditions such as allergies, coughs, flu, stress, arthritis, trauma and teething.

Flash Movie of how homeopathic medicine is prepared by Boiron

See the processes used
in the preparation
of homeopathic medicine.


A Flash movie by Boiron USA

Is Homeopathy Safe?
Because the medically active substances in homeopathic medicines occur in minute amounts, homeopathic medicines are considered non-toxic with no known side-effects making them extremely safe for adults and children.  there are no known drug interaction risks between homeopathic medicines and conventional pharmaceutical drugs.  Thus an individual who is taking for example a conventional prescription blood pressure medication, could also take a homeopathic remedy for the common cold without fear of the two medications having a negative side effect. 

Is Homeopathy Official in the U.S.?
Unlike herbal and nutritional supplements, the manufacture and sale of homeopathic medicine is regulated by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and has been recognized since 1938 in the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act of that year.  Unlike herbals or dietary supplements, Homeopathic remedies are classified as drugs in the United States.

The number of people using homeopathy and homeopathic medicine in the United States has increased dramatically over the past twenty years. Although homeopathy is constantly evolving through technological innovation, the principals behind homeopathy have remained largely unchanged since their introduction some 200 years ago.


Are Homeopathic Medicines Tested by the FDA?
Homeopathic Medicines are generally regarded as safe by the FDA due to their extreme dilution. The Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia Convention of the United States is responsible for establishing good manufacturing procedures and standards for the industry in collaboration with the FDA, as well as overseeing the U.S. Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia.  The FDA does not use the same standards for approval of homeopathic medicines as it does for over chemical drugs due to the overwhelming safety record of the homeopathic approach.  The FDA's main concerns with homeopathy are health calims.

Does Homeopathy Really Work?
In clinical studies, Homeopathy has shown to have a therapeutic effect on many diseases and conditions. It also has tremendous value in reversing the flu, minor bumps and bruises, bronchial asthma, skin eruptions, allergic conditions, PMS as well as numerous mental and emotional upsets. The effectiveness of homeopathic medicine has been demonstrated by over 200 years of successful use by physicians world-wide.  Aside from clinical evidence, there are numerous research studies published in prominent medical journals. There are also over a 100 double-blind clinical studies that document the effectiveness of homeopathic medicines.  Increasingly, with the help of thousands of physicians, scientists and university scholars world-wide, studies are supporting the effectiveness of homeopathic remedies.

How are Homeopathic Medicines Taken?
Homeopathic medicines come in various forms and potencies.  They are generally available as: pellets, tablets, liquid, ointment and suppositories, with the most popular form being the pellet.  The pellet is bead-like and has been used for over 200 years as the most reliable administration for homeopathic medicine.  Most homeopathic medicine is taken sublingually, under the tongue, and allowed to dissolve.  They are taken sublingually because of the large number of capillaries present in the mouth allow for fast diffusion and absorption into the blood stream.

How are Homeopathic Medicines Prepared?
Today's homeopathic medicines are prepared using the highest quality natural raw material, according to strict U.S. and European pharmaceutical standards and regulations.  Most reputable manufacturers of homeopathic medicine employ a multidisciplinary team of pharmacists, chemists, and botanists to ensure consistent quality control of all the phases in the manufacturing process.

The Pharmaceutical manufacture of most homeopathic medicines begin by creating the "Mother Tincture" from the natural base substance. The Mother Tincture is then diluted according to the decimal (X) or the centesimal (C) scale.  Between each dilution level it goes through Potentization.

In Homeopathy, the higher the dilution level, the more deeply the remedy acts. For this reason the higher potencies (the more diluted medicines) are generally dispensed by pharmacies or licensed health care professionals.  The lower potencies 6X, 12X, 6C, 12C and 30C are the potencies most commonly found in retail and health food stores.

What are the Benefits of Homeopathic vs. Herbal and Nutritional Products?
Herbs, vitamins, minerals and food need to be broken down and so require tremendous energy for their conversion to micro-nutrients or into a form which can be used by the body.  For many who are ill or are nutritionally depleted, this expenditure of energy on the cellular level is either not possible or partially possible.  To apply highly concentrated nutritional supplements or herbs under such circumstances, may create even more complications such as toxicity or hypersensitivity associated with over-burdening of already stressed organs.

Homeopathy avoids all such possible complications, since homeopathic medicines provide their effect through highly diluted micro constituents and pure energy.

What is the Difference between Classical and Complex Homeopathy?
Each single homeopathic remedy (classical) from a single natural source such as Arnica Montana, the Mountain Daisy, has several constituent ingredients.  In fact there is no difference between single and complex homeopathy, since both carry numerous constituent ingredients.  The difference is in the proving.  Single homeopathic remedies have an establish symptom profile in most cases.  In complex homeopathy, the determination of its action is made by evaluation of the symptom profile of each os it's ingredients.  The action of complex homeopathic formulas, such as the Apex Energetics line of products, is determined by utilizing bioenergetic evaluation techniques.  This allows information to be obtained on the causal level as well as the physical symptom profile.  The synergistic effect of complex homeopathic remedies is obtained by correlating and balancing the established symptom picture of each ingredient for optimal effect.  One of the advantages of Complex Homeopathy is that a particular symptom  can be targeted using numerous ingredients known to address the symptom producing a wider spectrum, or amplified action.

Why do Liquid Homeopathic Remedies have an Alcohol Base?
The alcohol base in homeopathic remedies is required by the FDA as a preservative in liquid formulas; however, if you are sensitive to alcohol or just don't like the taste, you can pour a day's dosage into a glass of warm water and just let it sit. Most of the alcohol will evaporate over a period of 3 to 4 hours at which time you  may sip the remedy throughout the day as directed.


Additional Information on Homeopathic Medicine:



arnica montana for bruises and trauma

ARNICA: Commonly know as the mountain daisy, Arnica Montana's healing properties were first discovered in the 16th century.  Mountain climbers would chew the fresh plant to relieve soar muscles or bruises from falls.  Today pro-sport athletes as well as "soccer moms" use Arnica for the same indications in the convenient pellet form.  Some surgeons also recommend Arnica to speed up recovery from soreness and bruising  associated with surgery.

Like most homeopathic medicine in acute situations, Arnica works best when taken at the onset of symptoms.  Be safe and make sure you always have some arnica on hand, just in case you need it!

How should you take Arnica?

Always follow the directions provided by your health-care provider.

For all trauma (bumps, bruises, muscle soreness): 5 pellets every half hour for 2 hours, then 5 pellets 3 times a day.

For Strenuous Activities: 5 pellets 3 times a day, 1 day before and 2 days after activity.

For pre and post-surgery: 5 pellets 3 times a day, 2 days before and 8 days after surgery.

NOTE: Each Boiron Multi-Dose tube contains 80 pellets (16 doses).

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