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Apex Energetics ANTITOX Line

Apex Energetics Antitox LogoThe Apex Energetics Antitox line consists of seven sub-series, each addressing a specific area of disturbance.  It is designed around an advanced toxic load reductions program.  It includes remedies for drainage, weight management, acute or chronic symptoms of disease, deep cleansing, and much more.

Notice: Apex Homeopathic product line should be used under guidance or recommendation of a licensed health care professional.

A-Plex | B-Plex | C-Plex | D-Plex | E-Plex | N-Plex | W-Plex


A-1 | A-2 | A-3 | A-4 | A-5 | A-6 | A-7 | A-8 | A-9 | A-10 | A-11 | A-12 | A-13 | A-14

This is a sequential series of remedies for addressing symptoms of toxicity, and for toxic load reduction and drainage, to be used over a period of months. The principles of effective toxic load reduction as determined by electronic evaluation techniques have been captured in the formulation of these remedies. Excellent results can be obtained by taking them in the recommended sequence, or as the symptom picture indicates.
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B-1 | B-2 | B-3 | B-4 | B-5 | B-6 | B-7 | B-8 | B-9 | B-10 | B-11 | B-12 | B-13 | B-14 | B-15 | B-16 | B-17 | B-18 | B-19 | B-20

The B-Plex series consists of powerful "helper" formulas which may be used either in conjunction with the above Toxic Load Reduction Program or individually, as indicated. These formulas have been developed to relieve a wide variety of symptoms and disorders.
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C-1 | C-2 | C-3 | C-4 | C-5 | C-6 | C-7 | C-8

These remedies counteract symptoms of chronic conditions and weakness, which have been developed over the years. Often indicated in the persistently depleted, C-Plex remedies are most effective when used on a long term basis.
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D-1 | D-2 | D-3 | D-4 | D-5 | D-6 | D-7 | D-8 | D-9 | D-10 | D-11 | D-12

These twelve remedies assist in the organ and tissue elimination process. While detoxification remedies remove toxins from binding sites, drainage remedies assist elimination throughout the system. These remedies contain ingredients in lower potencies to create a drainage effect as well as to provide symptom relief.
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E-1 | E-2 | E-3 | E-4 | E-5 | E-6 | E-7 | E-8

The first of their kind, these formulas are specifically designed to homeopathically support and balance the meridians, organs, and their related emotional factors according to the Five-Element Theory and Yin-Yang principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. These powerful remedies are effective for acute and chronic constitutional imbalances.
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N-1 | N-2 | N-3 | N-4 | N-5 | N-6 | N-7 | N-8 | N-9 | N-10 | N-11 | N-12

These remedies are designed for addressing symptoms of various toxic disturbances; for deeper and more specific detoxification using homeo- and iso-nosodes.
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W-1 | W-2 | W-3 | W-4

The W-Plex line consists of four remedies designed to address the metabolic disorders which occur as a result of emotional stress, poor eating habits, and toxicity. The formulas also address stress factors which affect the endocrine system and contribute to weight disorders. This new line, which is also referred as the Metatox Line, incorporates the latest research in this area of health care, conducted by Roy Martina, M.D.
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