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Apex Energetics ANTITOX Formulas, C-Plex Series

Apex Energetics Antitox LogoThe Apex Energetics Antitox C-Plex series of remedies counteract symptoms of chronic conditions and weakness, which have developed over the years. Often indicated in the persistently depleted, C-Plex remedies are most effective when used over a long period of time.

Notice: Apex Homeopathic product line should be used under guidance or recommendation of a licensed health care professional.

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Prostate Causal Chain
A unique formula for homeopathic support of the prostate and its related organs (thyroid, pancreas, kidneys). For relief of symptoms of minor prostate disorders. Addresses energy stagnation, especially when resulting from old age. May be given routinely to males over age 40. Always combine with Male Balance (A-8).
For homeopathic support of the uterus, breasts, ovaries, or testes. Also useful for "toxic scar" interferences. For relief of symptoms related to menopause, PMS, and cysts in the male and female organs and tissues. Contraindicated for patients who have or who are suspected of having ulcers. Females should combine with Female Balance (A-9) and Lymphotox (N-5); males with Male Balance (A-8) and Prostate Causal ChainTM (C-1).
Cell Metabolism
Stimulates the integration of metabolites into the cells. Helps to excrete excess sodium. Particularly useful when therapeutic progress is obstructed. For homeopathic support of cells in both acute and chronic conditions. For relief of symptoms related to minor cellular degeneration and free-radical damage.
Arthro Muscotox
Provides homeopathic support for the joints and muscles. For relief of minor arthritic-type pain, injuries, etc. Useful for body-builders and athletes, as well as for the elderly and the middle-aged. A mild drainage effect.
Provides homeopathic support for the heart meridian. May be used routinely in all patients over the age of 40. Rich in homeopathic sarcodes.
Spleen Blood Activator
Provides homeopathic support for weak and susceptible patients, with a focus on the spleen. Use for relief of chronic as well as acute conditions. Rich in sarcodes.
Strong Ligaments
and Joints
For homeopathic support of the joints and ligaments, especially for young children, the elderly, and athletes. For relief of pains and aches due to stressed and weakened joints. To be used before and after stressful situations, especially injuries.
Calcium Metabolism
For the processing and integration of calcium and other essential minerals. For relief of symptoms resulting from calcium excesses or deficiencies. Especially useful for women, children, older persons, and athletes. Rich in cell salts and oligotherapeutics.

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