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Apex Energetics ANTITOX Formulas, B-Plex Series

Apex Energetics Antitox LogoThe Apex Energetics Antitox B-Plex series consists of 20 powerful "helper" formulas which may be used either in conjunction with the A-Plex Toxic Load Reduction Program or individually, as indicated. These formulas have been developed to relieve a wide variety of symptoms and disorders.

Notice: Apex Homeopathic product line should be used under guidance or recommendation of a licensed health care professional.

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Acute Rescue
For calming and soothing the body on a cellular level when disturbed and traumatized, especially in emergency situations. For relief of symptoms of colds and flu, as well as for symptoms of bruises and inflammations. Rich in homeopathics, including flower essences. Important for every household and office! Excellent formula for acute allergic-type reactions. See B-19 and B-20 for Acute Rescue Spray and Cream.
Adrenal Pep
Provides support for the adrenals. Useful during stress, adrenal exhaustion, allergies, and fatigue. Use to counter the effects of detox and drainage processes (low energy). Combine with Stress Resistance (B-6).
Sinus Relief
A unique formula for relief of minor sinus disorders, upper respiratory conditions, colds, sinusitis, etc. May be combined with Mucous Membranes (B-8) for added support.
For relief of symptoms related to indigestion and flatulence. Supports and stimulates the digestive and gastrointestinal organs, including the pancreas, liver, gallbladder, and intestines. A multi-purpose formula. Rich in homeopathic phytotherapeutics. Combine with Aller-TotalTM (S-2) when indicated.
Gluco Balance
For supporting the endocrine function of the pancreas. For relief of hyper- and hypo- states of energy, allergies, lactose intolerance, and sweet cravings. An important remedy for persons experiencing nausea and sudden drops and fluctuations in energy.
Stress Resistance
For supporting and calming the autonomic nervous system. For relief of physical and emotional stresses, and the resulting heartburn, insomnia, and anxious irritability. Rich in homeopathic flower essences. Useful for adapting to demanding situations and the changing pressures of life.
DPRSN Antitox
For uplifting and general support in persons who are experiencing low vitality, grief, loss of hope, or who have a melancholic disposition. Also for symptomatic relief of chronic fatigue.
Mucous Membranes
For relief of symptoms related to excessive mucous production. Sedates the mucous membranes when overactive. Especially useful for symptoms related to sinus, lung, colon, ear, and gum areas. Combine with Acute RescueTM (B-1) or Aller-TotalTM (S-2) when indicated
Acute Virotox
For symptoms related to exposure to minor viral influences such as colds, flu and associated inflammations, stress, etc.
Post Virotox
For relief of symptoms related to persistent and chronic minor viral inflammations and their after-effects. Use after Acute VirotoxTM (B-9). For fatigue and slow recovery. Combine with LymphotoxTM (N-5)
For relief of symptoms from injuries to the soft tissues and bones from recent or older traumas, impacts, or shocks. Works to clear affected cell memory and remove "energetic foci" from the incident. Also useful for over-use and weakness of the muscles. Excellent for body-builders and fitness enthusiasts. Combine with Acute RescueTM (B-1) and Strong Ligaments and Joints (C-7) when indicated.
For relief of migraines and other headaches, sunstroke, stress, hot flashes, PMS, over-consumption of alcohol, and nervous irritability.
Cell Salt Complex
To improve calcium and mineral metabolism for the increase of stamina and endurance. For relief of nervous irritability, weakness, fatigue, and exhaustion.
For temporary relief of symptoms of asthma, cough, respiratory allergies, stress, and wheezing.
For relief of symptoms related to fevers of all origins, acute onset of disease, minor viral infections, flu, and the beginning phase of all inflammations.
To provide temporary relief of symptoms related to enlarged tonsils, recurring flu, and recurrent respiratory infections.
For relief of nervous bladder, renal discomfort, prostate discomfort, and urinary frequency.
For relief of minor infections, fever, acute colds in children, temporary impaired hearing, and ringing in the ear.
Acute Rescue Spray
For relief of minor burns, trauma, skin irritation, inflammation.
Acute Rescue Cream
For calming and soothing the body on a cellular level when disturbed and traumatized, especially in emergency situations.

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