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ErgoGrip Cut & Gring

Cut & Grind
for pills & vitamins

Use to reduce size or dosage

The ergogrip Cut & Grind is a unique combination pill cutter and grinder which also has a large storage compartment.  It is ergonomically designed with a large non-slip base making it comfortable and easy to use. It's super sharp blade is designed to cut tablets in half.

This new and unique device is ideal for those who need to cut or grind pills.  Many pet owners also find the ergogrip Cut & Grind useful in getting their pets to take their medicine too.  Ground pills can be mixed in with food or drink.


Cutting: Flip open the lid, place one pill in the diamond shape cutting platform and close while pressing down. That's it!

Grinding: Turn to unscrew the turquoise-colored base. Place one or more pills in the grinder and screw the unit back together. For a finer powder, turn the base back and forth several time.

Storage: Pull the the black cutting compartment to reveal the large storage well.  Ideal for storing whole, cut or ground pills.

ErgoGrip Cut and Grind
All-in-one cutting, grinding and storing of tablets

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Versatile - Easy to use

Enteric-coated tablets are intended to be swallowed whole and should not be cut. Avoid direct contact with blade as it is very sharp. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.


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