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Balancing Your Oils: The Omega Factor Part I

Many have heard of Omega-3 and how good it is for Heart Health.  Recent studies have shown that Omega-3, an Essential Fatty Acid or EFA, also promotes healthy cognitive functions, Eye health as well as supple skin texture and over all youthfulness.  You may have also heard of Omega-6, another well known EFA which has been shown to cause inflammation in various forms.  They are called Essential Fatty Acids because our bodies cannot synthesize them and so we need to consume our Omegas in one form or another.
Omega-3 vs Omega-6
Studies have also shown that people generally are Omega-6 dominant.  That is when the level of Omega-6 is much higher than that of Omega-3 (There are other EFAs but not relevant here).  In some, the omega-3 level is miniscule which makes them prone to suffer from common pro-inflammatory issues.  The Goal here is to balance out the oils in our bodies so that we are all Omega-3 dominant rather than Omega-6.  Excess consumption of omega-6 oils like those from soybean, corn and sunflower, abundant in many processed foods, are one of the main culprits of chronic inflammation.  Omega-6 is too plentiful in the average diet and needs to be trimmed back.  The form of Omega-3 that is most common is fish oil.  The best fish oils are from cold water fish.  If you are not eating enough, then it can be supplemented to your diet in various forms such as liquid, Lemony soft Gels and even Non-Fish Omega-3s derived from plants and algae. 

The most common recommendation for Omega-3 by physicians is a 1000mg once or twice per day.  When choosing a good quality Fish Oil make sure it is stabilized from going rancid.  For potency, look at the EPA-DHA levels on the label. According to recent studies in the US, the average person should consume at least 1000mg of EPA-DHA per day which is deferent from 1000mg of oil.

Depending on where you are with your internal oil levels, given your existing diet, you may need as much as 3000mg of EPA-DHA per day. 

Rite Care Pharmacy has a good selection of High quality Omega-3 supplements in Purified, hypo-Allergenic Fish Oils from Norway, Sweden and Alaska as well as vegan, vegetarian Omega-3 supplements that do not contain any fish at all.

Those who are taking any type of blood thinner should consult with their health care professional before taking high doses of Omega-3 as it also has blood thinning action.  Your physician may need to reduce your blood thinning medication such as: Aspirin, Aggrenox (aspirin and extended-release dipyridamole), Coumadin (warfarin), Haparin, Lovenox, Plavix and other derivatives.

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