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Homeopathic Flu Treatment

If you are looking for safe and effective treatment for the flu, then homeopathy might be the answer for you.  Before going much further, it should be noted that homeopathic medicines are FDA approved and regulated, and all of the ones discussed here are classified as over-the-counter. Homeopathic medicines are exceedingly safe and are widely available.  Influenza Virus StructureThe influenza virus hospitalizes more than 200,000 Americans a year and kills 36,000, many of whom are the elderly over 65 and the flu vaccine (shots) are no guarantee. From 2007 to 2008, the flu shot was only 44 percent effective in stopping the flu.

The Flu should not be confused with the common cold since their treatment and appropriate homeopathic medicine are different.  In addition to cold symptoms the flu often has additional symptoms such as: fever, chills, body (muscle) aches, sweats and diarrhea.

Vitamin D3:
Although vitamins and supplements do not fall under the homeopathic category, one vitamin needs to be mentioned here.  A study led by Dr. James R. Sabetta, MD, in the Department of Medicine at Yale University School of Medicine and the Section of Infectious Diseases at Greenwich Hospital in Greenwich, Connecticut determined that you can significantly reduce your vulnerability to the Cold and Flu viruses with one single vitamin. Make absolutely certain you have a higher-than-normal blood levels of vitamin D3 Vitamin D3 is a hormone-like nutrient produced by the body when the skin is exposed to direct sunlight - specifically ultra violet B (UV-B).  UV-B is weak, much weaker than UV-A which tends to burn the skin, UV-B doesn't penetrate lotions, creams, make-up or even glass.   The study showed that those who had blood levels lower than 38 ng/ml (nanograms per milliliter) of vitamin D had twice as many upper respiratory tract infections.

Homeopathy refers to a specific medical treatment which matches the symptom profile of a sick individual to the symptom profile of a corresponding homeopathic medicine.  For example the symptom of watery eyes and runny nose is most often associated with the homeopathic medicine Allium cepa (red onion).

Probably the most effective homeopathic medicines for the flu are those that actually contain the current strains of the flu virus.  These remedies help the body's immune system build antibodies against the flu virus.

Influenzinum is the homeopathic preparation of the dead Influenza virus. A new batch of the influenzinum medicine is made using the flu virus strains recommended by the World Health Organization every year - usually the three most recent strains of the flu virus. One popular protocol is to use Influenzinum 9c potency and take one dose per week for four weeks and then one more dose three weeks later.  The most economical way to purchase Influenzinum 9c is in a Multi-Dose tube.  Boiron-Dolisos is the largest and most reputable homeopathic medicine producer in the world.  The Boiron homeopathic Multi-Dose tube contains 80 pellets with 5 pellets being one dose, each tube contains 16 doses.  With this protocol a single Multi-dose tube can serve 3 individuals per season. With each tube currently costing around $5 US the price is right!

By far the most effective and most recommended homeopathic medicine for the flu is Oscillococcinum or commonly called Oscillo.  We highly recommend Oscillococcinum (pronounced O-SILL-O-COX-SEE-NUM).  Oscillococcinum homeopathic flu medicine has at least three large independent clinical studies verifying its efficacy. 

For the record the three studies that have confirmed the efficacy of Oscillococcinum are Ferley, 1989; Cassanova, 1992; Papp, 1998. Each of these trials was relatively large (487 patients, 300 patients, and 372 patients respectively), all were multi-centered placebo-controlled and double-blind (two of the three trials were also randomized). Each of these trials showed statistically significant results.

Oscillococcinum is made from the heart and liver of the Muscovy duck. Biologists and epidemiologists have determined that 80% of ducks carry every known flu virus in their digestive tracts. Oscillococcinum with the active ingredient: Anas Barbariae Hepatis et Cordis Extractum (extract of Muscovy Duck liver and heart) 200CK HPUS includes homeopathic doses of these flu viruses (and of their antibodies).

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