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Balancing Your Oils: The Omega Factor Part II

 In part one of this article we discussed the importance of balancing your body’s Omega-3 vs. Omega-6 level.  Most people are Omega-6 dominant but need to be more Omega-3 dominant.  Omega-6’s are prevalent in many foods and rarely needs to be supplemented.  Omega-6 tends to be more pro-inflammatory whereas Omega-3’s promote an anti-inflammatory environment.  1000mg to 3000mg of EPA-DHA daily was recommended depending on your current Omega-3 / Omega-6 balance.  That article also made mention of an Omega-3 self test kit.

In this issue we will present a little more information on the standardized Omega-3 self test kit.  It includes a painless, at home method for obtaining a few drops of blood to be placed on a sample spot card, which you then send to the Lab for analysis.  The Lab identifies your complete fatty acid profile, specifically focusing on your omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acid levels.  A low omega-3 score on the result tells you that your body is not getting enough.  The report you receive also includes key indicators for heart health based on two standardized tests: the Land’s Test (named after Dr. Bill Lands) and the Omega-3 HUFA test (HUFA stands for Highly Unsaturated Fatty Acids).  Typical Americans have an Omega 3 HUFA score of 20% which correlates with a high heart disease mortality risk. By increasing this score to 50% correlates with reducing the risk of heart disease by half.  Increasing your score to 70% nearly eliminates mortality from heart disease.

Omega-3 test result Figure 1

Your custom report will also identify your Omega-3 Index.  This is a combined value of two Omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA.  Increasing your omega-3 Index from say 3.58% to 6.76% will result in a 90% reduction in the risk of sudden death (a type of heart attack).  The recommended goal for most is an Omega-3 Index of 8% or higher.

If your Omega-3 numbers are low don’t feel alone.  The vast majority of Americans have low Omega-3 Levels.  The good news is that you can easily improve your Omega-3 scores by increasing your dietary intake of oily cold water fish like Salmon, Sardines and Anchovies which are rich in Omega-3.  You should strive for a daily intake of 1000mg of EHA-DHA.  For supplementation this equates to about 4 standard 1000mg fish oil capsules.

Omega-3 test result Fogure 2

Rite Care Pharmacy has the Omega-3 test kits in stock.  They usually retail for $175.00, but for a limited time the Omega-3 test kit is being offered for $150.00, that’s $25 off the suggested retail price.

Rite Care Pharmacy also carries several very high quality, high potency, Omega-3 supplements which provide 1000mg of EPA-DHA in Just 2 soft gels – like the Nordic Naturals ProOmega  or the Metagenics EHA-DHA extra strength, both have a pleasant tasting lemon flavor.  For those who have trouble with swallowing soft gels, Rite Care Pharmacy also carries high quality powdered omega-3 supplements in a great tasting Orange flavor which you can drink by mixing a packet in water in addition to an Emulsified Liquid form which you take by the tea spoon full in a great tasting orange flavor.

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