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Skin and Hair Health

The body uses a variety of nutrients to maintain radiant skin and vibrant hair. A balanced combination of vitamins, minerals, and other natural factors to nutritionally support the body systems involved in maintaining healthy skin and hair is essential.  For example, vitamin A and zinc must be included in the diet for normal skin texture, integrity, and moisture.  Essential fatty acids (EFAs) play a related role in the body oils that keep the skin and scalp in good condition.  Lecithin is nature's fat emulsifier.  Nutrients that support proper liver function should also be included.

When used at the very first signs of a cold sore or fever blister, Cold Sore Relief (formerly Herpalieve) delivers phenomenal results. The softening power of this OTC medicated cream can greatly reduce the severity of a cold sore, especially when applied at the onset of its most annoying symptoms. A key ingredient in Herpalieve provides soothing relief at any stage of an outbreak; however, the earlier it's used, the better it works. Herpalieve combines allantoin with a specially prepared base of Melissa extract (lemon balm), concentrated at an unparalleled ratio of 70:1.

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Brand Product Benefit More Check Price
Akne-Klear Akne Treatment Soap

Contains sulfur which supports the body's control of bacteria. Completely frangrance-free

PhytoPharmica Brand Cold Sore Relief
(Formerly Herpalieve)

Relieves cold sores and fever blisters. Natural cold sore and fever blister medication. All-natural medicated cream. Softening relief.

PhytoPharmica Brand Derma Care

Helps support healthy skin and hair

ITI EPF Moisturizer C3 SPF 15

Helps neutralize free radical damage to skin. Reduces altered DNA structure of healthy skin cellsHelps minimize the signs of aging. May help reduce skin damage. Increases skin's natural moisture. A lightweight, botanically-fortified, tri-complex C moisturizer, excellent with or without make-up, to protect skin from environmental damage. Potent formulation that blocks free radicals most responsible for cell damage and aging of the skin. For all skin types but very oily. If you use only one product to protect your skin, this is it!

PhytoPharmica Brand Nature Derm Skin Care System

Provides key nutrients necessary for healthy skin

ITI Nutrient K Plus

A nourishing cream fortified with Vitamin K, Horse Chestnut, Yarrow and Green Tea extracts to help minimize the appearance of broken capillaries. Improves the appearance of damaged skin


A remarkable all natural skin treatment that restores radiance and replenishes facial skin in a single application

ITI Wrinkle Relax

Reduces intensity of muscle contraction to reduce appearance of fine lines induced by repeated facial movements without the loss of expression. Reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Minimizes and softens lines. A combination of two non-toxic anti-aging peptides chemically combined from naturally derived amino acids. Helps prevent fine lines induced by repeated facial movements without the loss of expression. Increases collagen and elastin production. Helps prevent premature aging. Visible results within two weeks

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