wholesale magnetic therapy products
Product Categories

Spot Magnets
Wraps & Support Aids
Comfort Aids

Health Benefits

Pain relief
Reduced symptoms
Supports healing
Fights infection
Increases cellular
Normalizes naniral
   alkaline pH

 inexpensive pain relief

Magnetic Therapy Wholesale Purchasing

If you are interested in wholesale purchasing of magnetic therapy products, then you have come to the right place.  Rite Care Pharmacy is an authorizes distributor of all MPH quality magnetic therapy products including spot magnets, magnetic wraps and supports aids as well as may styles of magnetic jewelry.

To qualify for wholesale purchasing, must have a registered business in the United States with a valid reseller permit.  If you qualify, then please proceed by completing the online form below.  There is no minimum purchase amount required.  Upon completion of this form, we will send you our confidential wholesale price list, which you may use to order from.

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